Loan product “Donish”

Loan purpose

To contribute to the high quality of education in Tajikistan by providing access to affordable finance. The Education loan product “Donish” targets all creditworthy customers all over Tajikistan who need an affordable loan to pay the annual tuition fees of their children or closest relatives who are studying or got an admission at schools or universities/institutions.

For information about banking tariffs on this product, please see the tariffs

This product is designed to pay tuition fees for university, institute, college, school or training centres.

Minimum amount: 900 Tajik somoni

Maximum amount: 20 000 Tajik somoni 

Currency: Only in Tajik somoni

Minimum term: 3 months 

Maximum term: 12 months 

Grace period on principal repayment: Not stipulate     

Borrower’s contribution: Not required

Guarantor: Not required 

Collateral: Not required 

Loan interest: 20% p.a

Service charge: According to the tariffs of credit products

Method of interest calculation: Daily on the loan balance 

Method of loan repayment: Monthly equal payments – annuity payment 

Full early loan repayment or partial prepayment: Authorised without penalty upon written application

Method of calculation of penalty for late payment of loan: 0.3% for each day of delay. The penalty is calculated on the unpaid principal amount of the debt

Additional information:

  1. Students who pass all examinations with honours will be given a 1% discount ;
  2. Students studying in finance, banking or IT with the help of this product get an opportunity to do internship in the branches of the bank or head office;
  3. Remittance income is also recognised as a source of income for loan repayment;
  4. The loan amount must be credited to the institution’s account under the contract or account;
  5. The effective annual interest rate is calculated individually for each loan;
  6. In case of non-payment of the loan and its interest, the debt shall be forcibly collected.