Auto loan


Car loans are offered to individuals who live mainly in urban and suburban areas to buy a car for personal use.

For information about banking tariffs on this product, please see the tariffs

This product is intended for all employees working in public or private institutions, as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises (for personal use).

Minimum amount: Equivalent of USD 500 in Tajik somoni

Maximum amount: Equivalent of USD 30,000 in Tajik somoni 

Currency: Tajik somoni 

Minimum term: 1 month

Maximum term: 48 months 

Grace period on principal repayment: 1 month

Borrower’s contribution: 

20% – for new vehicles (with mileage not exceeding 1 thousand kilometres).

30% – for used cars


For standard customers: A guarantor is required only for loans over USD 2,000 and its equivalent in Tajik somoni;

For high rate and exemplary customers: A guarantor is only required for loans over USD 4,000 and its equivalent in Tajik somoni; 


The car or property being purchased (insured).

  • Up to the equivalent of 10 000 USD in Tajik somoni under state insurance;
  • More than 10 000 USD in Tajik somoni – with the insurance company BIMA.

Loan interest: 

Electric car – 22%

Other modes of transport – 24%

Service charge: According to the tariffs of credit products

Method of interest calculation: Daily on the loan balance

Method of loan repayment: Monthly equal payments – annuity payment 

Full early loan repayment or partial prepayment: Permitted without penalty upon written request

Method of calculation of penalty for late payment of loan: 0.3% for each day of delay. The penalty is calculated on the unpaid principal amount of the loan

Additional information:

  1. This product is for the purchase of personal vehicles only;
  2. There are no restrictions on the mode of transport;
  3. The loan amount must not exceed the value of the vehicle less the customer’s deposit;
  4. Customers with good credit history are given an interest discount;
  5. 5. The effective annual interest rate is calculated individually for each loan;
  6. 6. In case of non-payment of the loan and its interest, the loan shall be forcibly recovered from the pledged property;
  7. Standard customers: new or existing customers who have a credit history with the bank for more than 3 months or have more than 10 days overdue within 24 months of loan repayment;
  8. 8. High rate customers: customers who have a credit history with the bank of at least 24 months and have up to 10 days overdue on loan repayments;
  9. 9. Exemplary customers: Customers who have a credit history with the bank of at least 24 months and have not made any delay in loan repayment at all.